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    I should of elaborated a little more, my apology.  


    on the windows side I have two licences one for nortan and one for kis - I also have malware bytes.

    I have a diverce set of users at home,  one in particular is a challenge (eg: anti-virus turned off / anti-virus is saying no to a internet process or friends plugging and playing all the time and sharing files and someone saying ok when they should say quarentine instead of run/open)


    at one point in time, I was sincerly rebuilding a computer every three to six months at home....... fun


    I discovered that If I have both AVs available (having one active on the computer and the other one not on the computer)  my problems have lessened at home for some reason - maybe its maturity


    I like kis from the web-perspective more then norton for some reason, but their both reasonable good product.




    as for this post after seeing the detection results, I flipped from clamxav to sophos again.....I have a habit of flipping AVs as you can tell

    the only thing I have noticed between the last release (before mountain lion) vs the moutain lion release 10.8  is the download of updates

    seems to take a little longer then normal.

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    michaelsip4 wrote:


    as for Kas on the mac not a firm believer in the product yet (still feels and functions as a secondary product line) in my humble opinion

    As we speak there are several users in this forum complaining of Kernal Panics which clearly point to Kaspersky, furthering my opinion that they do not yet understand OS X sufficiently to recommend them to anybody. I was hoping they would have learned from their missteps with Flashback removal in the Spring, but I suspect you are correct that they just aren't applying sufficient talent to it's development/support.

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    Hi MadMacs - thanks for the info

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