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I've been having problems with getting my iPod to connect to my computer.  When connected via the usb wire, it states on the iPod that its connected but this does not show on 'my computer' or 'iTunes', however it works fine on other PC's or on other mac's.  I've tried all my usb ports, tried different wires. I've uninstalled / reinstalled iTunes numerous times, and restored my iPod to factory settings. I've also went through the process of stopping and restarting the device in 'services' etc.


The only place that my iPod is noticeable is when i go into device manager.  It is listed in my devices 'Apple iPod USB device' and also as 'Apple Mobile USB device Driver' in the unspecified section. If i click on the the first option it freezes the computer for a while, if i troubleshoot the second option it cannot identify a problem. It also makes my iTunes freeze up if my iPod is inserted before i've opened the application.  My iPod used to work fine before so i'm really puzzled.


I think this is either an issue with the specific apple driver or with my usb ports. Any suggestions? 

iPod classic, Windows 7