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HI, I had a 2007 mac pro.  Downgraded to a 2012 mac mini.  I am not on the computer much anymore since the advent of the iphone and the mini is all I need.  The mac pro was backed up to the time capsule for several years before I got rid of it.  I set up the mac mini using the time capsule backup of the mac pro.   My mac mini is now, seemingly, exactly how my pro was.  It runs flawlessly and I have used the relatively few pieces of software I have without issue.  My concern now is this; why should I have to delete the entire time capsule backup to start backing up the mini?  Why can't it just pick up where it left off?  I can't seem to find anything in my searches to help me along on this.  I was hoping it would just back up to the existing backup.  I am sure my thinking is flawed somehow.....any suggestions on how I should approach this? Thanks, john

Time Capsule 1tb