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I would like to record (video) myself playing guitar using the iSight camera. I am open to either using iMovie or QuickTime Player, but the catch is that I want to record the processed sound of my guitar through Guitar Rig 4. I would prefer not to have to record the audio in a separate program and try to sync it to the video later (post processing) as I usually need to record multiple takes in quick succession and that would be too slow to be effective.


With my audio interface selected in System Preferences, and GR4, I hear my guitar being played through GR4, but only the dry guitar signal is recorded.  I assume that a program such as Soundflower or Jack might be able to help me to route the sound from GR4 to iMovie or QT, but so far I have not been able to figure out the routing in Soundflower (I keep getting a feedback loop or no sound whatsoever) and I can't figure out Jack at all.


If someone has accomplished this, could you walk me through the routing. It seems like it should be fairly straight forward, but it has me stumped.



MacBook Pro with Retina display, iOS 5.1.1
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    Have you tried using GarageBand? That's what it is for.

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    I had a look at GarageBand, but I did not see a way to actually record video. Maybe I'm wrong, but it looked like I could only import video and record audio over it.


    I am not looking to multitrack. Basically I am taking guitar lessons through a kind of correspondence course that requires me to video myself doing various exercises and assignments so that the teacher can critique my playing. This means that I'm recording myself playing a lot, and usually need to do loads of takes. Basically I need to be able to lay down video quickly and simply. With that said,  I would like to record the sound of the guitar through GuitarRig as it sounds much better than my own amp.


    Can GuitarRig do this? I was only aware of video recording in iMovie, QuickTime, and Photobooth.

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    That should say "Can GarageBand do this?"

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    My strong advice would be to record your guitar in the app of your choice. I prefer Logic Pro, but Garageband is also good. I am not familiar with GuitarRig 4, but if it does what you need, use that.


    For the video, I do not recommend the iSight camera. It will record at variable frame rates, and that will make it difficult to sync up your video with your audio later.  I suggest using a camcorder on a tripod.