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Has anyone else seen this issue? 


I shuffle a video playlist of tv shows while I sleep at night (kind of an ADD/insomnia thing).  You cannot shuffle a video playlist using the ATV alone (I have both a 2 and a 3).  I used to have to shuffle the playlist on iTunes and then I could play it in that order through the ATV.  Every time the connection between the ATV and iTunes was lost I'd have to reshuffle and start all over.  Then the Remote App became reliable and I could easily shuffle a video playlist. 


Since those days I cringe every time there's an iTunes/ATV/Remote App update.  Inevitably something with this one aspect is going to get screwed up. 


And, with iTunes 11 and the new, highly touted Remote App things are screwy again.  When I bring up my video playlist and press shuffle the "Next Up" screen appears on the Remote App with a blank/black screen where the album cover should be.  Nothing happens on the television.  Nothing changes on the ATV interface.  To add insult to injury, iTunes 11 doesn't allow you to just shuffle the playlist anymore.  I press the shuffle button and it starts to play the playlist.  Here's my current solution: shuffle the playlist on iTunes and AirPlay it to the ATV.  But I can already tell that will get very annoying, especially if I want to interrupt the playback to see/listen to something else for a moment.


I believe the issue is that the Remote App's "Up Next" feature is only geared toward music.  I tested this by placing a couple of songs in my video playlist and those songs played on shuffle just fine.  Once the songs were done the "Up Next" screen cleared the album cover art and went to black; and the ATV went back to the start screen. 


Does anyone have another, simpler, and perhaps lazier solution than going to the computer each time I want to start a video playlist on shuffle? 


Well, I know the easiest solution would be for Apple to allow shuffling of video playlists directly from the ATV (as it does with music playlists), but I've been barking up that tree for about 2 years now.  So now I eagerly, and fearfully await for the next ATV/Remote App update in the hopes this issue will be addressed.


Hmm, not really a question; more a lecture.  Perhaps it's just my vain and desperate attempt to get someone at Apple to recognize this issue.  Thanks for reading.

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