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Snow Leopard Mac Mini server hard drive failed, how do I reinstall OS?


Purchased server to act as a media server and family web applicance. It has worked flawless until last week when the OS drive failed. Already ordered two replacement drives (upgrading as well).


My question is how do I install Snow Leopard Server again? The server came with the OS already installed and no media.


Knew this day would come Apple! How do I solve this?



~David Dingley

Mac mini, OS X Server
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    You didn't get any install DVDs? For Snow Leopard they should have come in the box. Call Apple and they should be able to replace the original DVD for a nominal charge.

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    Dawned on my while I was putting the Mini back together and spending time looking for the media that might have come with it.... The computer doesn't have a CD/DVD drive...


    Still looking, crossing fingers!