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I recently was running mountain lion on my 2009 i7 27" iMac with 16g of memory. Ever since upgrading to lion i experienced an unstable situation. Projects would crash, i would run out of memory, logic was only using 2 cores (in the cpu indicator it only had 2 lines rather than 4 like it does in snow leopard).


I recently downgraded to snow leopard and have been running 100% stable and no out of memory issues....


I'm curious to know if anyone else has this issue or if mountain lion is stable for any one else.





iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    Well, I can not share your experience on this, Logic 9 / Lion is a stabile combination over here, on several systems. And whenever I do experience some oddities then 99% of the time it's a 3rd party plug which makes my life miserable. It usually is my plugin update negligence which causes the trouble anyways. So I'm sorry to hear things are different where you are!

    I don't know anybody who is using ML in the studio environment and I plan to very cautiously try ML next month AT HOME!

    Keep up the spirit! -+-=+