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I have a mid summer 2010 Mac Mini that originally came with Snow Leopard and I still have the install disks.  In september, I upgrade to Mountain lion and due to the slow and unacceptable performance since then, I want to go back to Snow Leopard. I have been backing up on an external drive with TIme Machine for the past two years.  I upgraded on September 12 and I have a several Time Machine Backups in August and early September when I was still operating with Snow Leopard.  My question- Can I open up in Mountain Lion the Recovery disk option, use Disk Utility to erase the Mini's hard drive and then reinstall a time machine backup from before September 12?   I have backed up files that have been changed in the past several months including mail and iweb.  Will going to a previous back up in Time Machine before I upgraded work?  If this won't work, can I use the Snow Leopard Disk and do the same thing- wipe clean the mini's hard drive and install a Time Machine Backup from before sept 12 from my external drive?


Any input, suggestions or instructions on this topic would be appreciated.