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Lukek07 Level 1 Level 1

I recently got a new iphone 4s and when it was set up I made sure the manually manage music part was on, I added my music and everything worked fine.


I'm abroad now and wanted to delete and change some of my music but the manually manage box is no longer ticked and I get the warning saying "Your phone is Synced with another iTunes Library do you want to erase this iphone and sync with this itunes libary". How can I get around this I dont want to lose all my music!!!!


Please Help!

  • Johnathan Burger Level 6 Level 6

    You can only sync to one iTunes library on one computer.

    You don't get around it.

  • wjosten Level 10 Level 10

    By design, an iPhone will sync or manually manage iTunes content with one computer at a time. Any attempt to sync or manually manage with a second computer will result in all iTunes content being first erased from your phone, to be replaced with the content from the second computer. This is a design feature of all iPhones and cannot be overridden. Been like this since the first iPhone was released.

  • woodmeister50 Level 5 Level 5
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    Lukek07 wrote:


    "Your phone is Synced with another iTunes Library do you want to erase this iphone and sync with this itunes libary".

    As the message infers, you can only sync your iDevice to

    a single iTunes library.  The only way around this, which is

    of no real use to you now but for future reference, is to have

    your iTunes library (entire iTunes folder) an a separate hard

    drive and carry it around where ever you go.  Any computer

    you have will need to be set up to connect its iTunes to that



    The one caveat of this is that is backups of the iDevice.

    Each computer will have a different backup file depending on

    when you synced to the computers (backups are stored

    in ~/Library/Application Support/Mobile Sync/ Backup on

    the computer not in iTunes library).  Where this is problematic

    is if you need to  do a restore and you only have a computer

    available with an old backup and not the most recent.

    The other problem will be if you manage Address Book, Calendars,

    etc. different on different computers.  Things can get jumbled, lost,

    or just plain add duplicates.


    As for your current situation, there really isn't much you can do.

  • tatok Level 1 Level 1

    Unlike iPad,

    the iphone only can be sync to one computer only

    eventhough the manually manage has been checked according HT1202

    Yes, apple has lied to us. See https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4040459


    Use 3rd party software like Copytrans manager free on others computer for controlling your iphone library. but it need itunes driver.