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Help, I am trying to export my first imovie that I have made -i opened as my  my first project - click on it- now all i see is a folder (which I named) and thumbnails -- it is only about 2 mins long-- but i cant do any thing with it- can move it anywhere or compress it -- help please - perhaps I have the wrong setting or something??/ it is opened in imovie but I cant press on share because it is all greyed out.. am i opening the correct project is there a trick to this stuff??

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    You should not be doing anything in the Finder. That is a recipe for losing all your work.


    Can you post screenshots of what you see?

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    Hi appleman- I solved the issue with dragging the thumbnails up to the project- this is something that I would never have known if not searching for something on youtube- but then when I wanted to export to youtube -- I tried to reduce the size to medium (?i dont know what size I should bechoosing) and the server wouldnt let me upload it (could it be due to the fact that my daughter was also watchining something on her computer at the same time??) thanks



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    For YouTube, you should keep the size similar to what the camera used. If you used a standard definition camera, then medium is fine. Large might work also. If you used a camera that shoots 1280x720, use that. If you used a camera that shoots 1920x1080, then use that for YouTube.


    If the YouTube upload is not working, it is usually because your ID and password is not correct for YouTube. In most cases, you should put in your Gmail address for the user ID and your GMAil password for the password.


    In addition, you can always use FILE/EXPORT MOVIE in the size you want, and save it to a place you can find it. Then use YouTube in a web browser to upload it there. I usually do this because it is easier for me, and I can upload multiple movies at once without tying up iMovie.

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    Hi appleman, thanks for your reply- I made the movie direct from my desk top- no importing at all. my Id and password were correct as I had logged in.