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I recently updated my iphone 5 from ios 6.0 to ios 6.0.1, everything went well until a week ago the screen started to blink / flash vigorously.

What i mean is the screen dims and brightens so vigorously it seems like it is flashing.

I dont have a clue what is causing the problem.. but it is getting worse by the day... sometimes the screen dims to the lowest brightness and only pressing the sleep button (on top) and then home button again solves the prblem (well...until it goes dim again...sometimes within minutes...)

This is getting very frustrating and i really dont want to get my new iphone replaced by a "refurbished" one......

Does anyone have any solution or reason to my problems? i hope it's software related...


This video below is very similar to what i am facing every day... it's driving me crazy ...!!