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ok no one has been able to help me so far-- once I have made a movie -- what do I do-- I want to export it to youtube but cant--- so maybe once that I have fiished it, i need to do something with it so that I can export it and the greyed out areas wont exist (to exp to youtube) please help

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    Please tell us what Mac you have and what versions of OS X and iMovie.

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    hi Klaus, my Mac is only 2 years old so I guess 0sxmoutain lion? I found that I had to drag the thumb nails to the top of the project-- then I found that the once greyed out areas worked! I tried to export it to you tube but then some prorgam asks me what size-- I chose medium - it took about 5 mins to upload then it said that I had to contact my server-- so it wouldnt allow me to upload (we have enough gigs to upload though) so I am confused as to what to do when I am asked to export to youtube ie sizing. thanks Jen