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Hi guys,

I just bought a late 2012 Mini. I have one 3 month olds Samsung LED 24 inch monitor (model is S24B350). I tried to connect the Mini with the monitor via HDMI-HDMI cable but nothing happens, seem like the monitor doesn't get any signal. I tried with to connect Mini to Samsung TV, and PC to the above LED monitor, both work. So I don't really understand why my Mini cannot connect with the monitor at all (Mini, Monitor and cable work just fine).

I have tried these with no luck:

- Adjust the Display setting to 1080p 60Hz (native resolution in my monitor)

- Unplug the cable, turn off and turn off Mini, then plug in the cable.

I'm thinking about getting a MiniDisplay port to HDMI to connect to my monitor (it doesn't have DVI, only VGA and HDMI) and see if it works. But I'm really curious to find out how to make HDMI to HDMI work on my case (regardless of "quality" issue having with HDMI port in the late 2012 Mini)

Thank you very much.

Mac mini (Late 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)