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    MaamuT wrote:


    Starting from today, I will post a message per day until Apple finds the solution.


    I am rather in anger.


    I am Apple Certifie Technician, and i use Apple's hardware since 1985, it is the first time that I see a bug like that one, it is very worrying.

    Amr_Odd2 was just trying to help out and offer a solution. I understand you are frustrated, there is nothing worse then having a new item and then it does not work to your expectations..... but I am confused......


    Just for clarification (because I am confused) and for the record I am by no means an Apple Pro or anything but if you are an Apple Certified Technician should you not know how to fix the problem? Can you not ask one of your co-workers maybe if you are not getting the answers you need here? It is just a suggestion and I really hope you find a solution to the problem you are having. I wish I could offer some advice......

  • MaamuT Level 1 (15 points)

    I am not at the office following an motorbike accident, and I could not request from my co-workers what they thought…


    But I know that I am not only, I had returns of other people who are in the same situation.


    For each people, it seems that there is a different solution.


    It is as if it y' had a different solution by anybody and by problem…


    I tested all the solutions which I could imagine, but there, I acknowledge that I do not understand any more…


    Note : once again, I do not speak well English, I use a translation system software, sorry for the errors !

  • Demo Level 10 (87,945 points)

    You certainly do not have to apologize for your English. My native language is English and I still mangle words all the time. You are doing fine.


    Have you guys tried turning off Messages and FaceTime in the settings,

    Sign out of your Apple ID,

    Restart  the iPad

    Turn Messages and FaceTime on again in the settings

    Sign into Messages and FaceTime again.


    BTW .... No Apple employees around here. We are just other users like you folks trying to help each other out.

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    for me ,,, I've changed my apple ID totally ,,, all applications are runing perfectly except for iMessage and facetime

    still they claim that my apple ID is wrong !!

    what a confused situation !

  • Demo Level 10 (87,945 points)

    And you did try what I suggested? Turn both apps off and sign out, restart and try again?

  • MaamuT Level 1 (15 points)

    Turn off ?


    how to extinguish, I do not see an activation button, just a box for the name, and another for the password.


    what do you understand by turn off?


    Concerning the iPad, I already started again, restored, I tested all that I knew, there remain to me nothing any more but the incantations or the voodoo…

  • MaamuT Level 1 (15 points)

    Now I am sure that the problem does not come from me nor of my hardware.


    Since this morning, it has been my iPhone which with same the problems, no iMessage and no FaceTime.


    The error message is the same : name or password incorrect…


    I think (since the beginning of this business) that the problem is in the Apple databases and that no matter what I do, that will not change nothing there.


    I created a new password for my AppleID, i restart my iDevice (iPhone and iPad), I again entered it all my accounts (iTunes, AppStore, iCloud), and all functions like front, i.e. that only iMessage and FaceTime still do not function… on my two iDevice, it is really discouraging

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    Exactly the same problem with me MaamuT !

  • Do done Level 1 (0 points)

    Who knows how can I inform apple about our problem to fix it ,, how can I contact them

    It seems that no body can solve it

  • Demo Level 10 (87,945 points)

    To turn either app off go to Settings>FaceTime>Off or Settings>Messages>Off.


    Just turn one app off, them turn it on again and see if it will work.

  • Amr_odd2 Level 1 (15 points)

    Hey man its easy go apple site ,support ,u will see spuare (contact apple support) go there and u will do wht u want


    Have anice day

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    wow you guys are all freaking out and not even listening to anyone trying to help. GUESS WHAT. If it says your apple ID or password is INCORRECT, Try going to settings>messages>RE ENTER YOUR PASSWORD. If it still says incorrect, SHUT OFF your phone (and i actually mean shut it off- hold the power button for 4 secs you will see "slide to power off" ) and try again.


    if none of that works, reset your password!


    (and after resetting the password, restart the phone again, then enter the new password)


    dont rely on apple to "fix this" its a password issue. apple is not responsible for your password, you are!

  • Appletini6 Level 3 (830 points)

    "nobody can solve it" well it isn't a riddle. its your password.

  • MaamuT Level 1 (15 points)

    @demo : No button to switch off on iPad…


    @appletini6 : thank you for all to read before answering…

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    I am angry like a bull. With a cloth in front of myself.


    Yesterday I noticed some problems with Viber on my iphone 4.

    Occasionaly it didn't send or receive anything. I had some such problems with Viber's servers, so I thought it normal.


    Then I noticed that messages pass through as well as emoticons and stamps, but pictures not when I'm sending them.

    I can receive all, both pics and messages.


    Then I noticed there aren't any red numbers on app store indicating updates ready.

    I tried opening it - but I got the error "Couldn't open app store..."


    Now I began worrying.

    iMessage and Facetime didnt work, icloud mail and files and contacts and events/calendar worked.


    web pages occasionaly on ipad/iphone would stop and slowly open after several retrys.Refresh icon woudln't work, but click on address line and then enter would refresh it.


    Searching the web I found some fixes - I changed automatic date into future and reset it, I reset network settings, I restarted iphone and ipad several times, I turned off location services and all iOS special services, and turned them on..


    Result is as follows: iPad iMessages doesn't work (wont send / receive), app store works, FT doesn't work.


    iPhone: iMessage started working. Viber still doesn't send pictures. app store works, FT works (but now my wife couln't call me?? while I can call her)



    *** is happening?

    Days before it all worked? I use the best router there is in the world - asus RT-N66U Dark Knight - and nothing has any issues with it?


    Could it be that some part of communication requiring special ports is failing?


    and to say the last, never had any problems with iOS 5....


    3g connection works for imessage, FT doesn't work through 3g.


    Help please?