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why i cant directly streaming my TV app on my iphone or ipad into my smart TV through apple TV?

  seems that apple TV can ONLY stream my own recorded videos ...but when come to TV app , it stream it only as a sound ..

iPad, iOS 6
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    Many broadcasters that have created apps for the iPhone and iPad have removed the AirPlay feature. They do not allow you to watch content from these apps on a full size screen.

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    i think its related to apple TV ..they should do something for that..because i still can find the option of apple TV on the app  but when i select it it only leme stream sounds ...but no voice...!!!  it feels sad...i cant realy mirror my iphone or ipad screen on my smart TV..

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    It's nothing to do with the Apple TV, these broadcasters deliberatly block AirPlay from working, they don't want you to display their content on a TV.

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    It depends on the app.  I believe (from memory) HBO GO and Netflix do work.  They don't mind seeing as how you are a paid subscriber but others I know Cinemax GO (which is the same app as HBO GO gives a message saying it does not have the functionality)  Most likely it's a licensing issue between the app creator and the movie/tv studios.  It's not a glitch I know that much.  It's dependant upon the contract between the provider and the studios.

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    bcrigler wrote:


    It depends on the app. 

    Yes indeed.


    Here BBC allow AirPlay on their app, C4 don't.