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This problem is bizzare.


Basically I have had Apple TV for a while but really only made some purchases from the interface on the TV the other day. (Besides Rentals)


Normally I buy the movie directly on my macbook and download it.  Then go watch it on my Apple TV.


This time I bought on Apple TV then went to Itunes and downloaded it off the cloud.  Any movie I have purchased from the Apple TV will not show up on Home Sharing  (Sharing from my Macbook to my Ipad2)  Even though it was purchased with the same apple id and the movies are physically downloaded to itunes on the macbook.


If I pull up Sidebar in Itunes 11 and click itunes store and then purchases my movies show up.  (That's how I downloaded them to itunes)  Although, if I click "purchased" from the Sidebar (Under Itunes Store) the movies purchased from the Apple TV do not show up.  It's almost like Apple Tv let me back them up but did not associate them with the itunes account.itunes1.jpg

Apple TV 3, Ipad 2 (IOS6), Macbook, All latest OS's
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    i would try resigning into itunes with your appl eid - maybe restart the devices - or restart the wifi - those three things can't hurt to try.

  • bcrigler Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Tried that... doesn't help.


    Turned off Home Sharing on Everything and restarted everything then turned Home Sharing back on.


    ...does not help though.  Thanks though. 

  • Winston Churchill Level 10 Level 10 (92,090 points)

    What makes you think they are on your computer, are they in your library.

  • bcrigler Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Um yes they are in my library and no longer have the cloud download button in the top right corner...  And I actually watched them download as I worked on other things and the files are in finder.

  • snapappsdev Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    If they are in your Library, and they are downloaded, what do you need?

  • bcrigler Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    They are backed up in iTunes on my MacBook.  Although purchases made in this specific way... (From the appletv interface) do not show on home share on my ipad.  Only purchases made from my MacBook show up on home share even though all purchases regardless of what platform they were purchased are in iTunes on my MacBook...  Make sense?  So I need purchases made on my Apple TV and backed up to my MacBook to show on my home share on my ipad.

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    I am having the same issue. They show up on everything including the Remote App. They just will not show in the shared library on the iPhone or the iPad. Frustrating!! Any luck?

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    I'm having the same issue.  I purchased a full season on my iPad.  I downloaded and watched them on my iPad.  I later downloaded them to my iMac and removed them from my iPad (they took up a lot of memory).  I can now see all episodes on my iMac, AppleTV and iPhone 5, but only 1 episode (episode 12 of 23) on my iPads (checked it on mine and my son's). 


    I bought the HD version and downloaded the 1080 version.


    I have a large library with many tv shows.  Most of them ripped and re-encoded from a Tivo.  I've had lots of issues with how they show up on the iPads and I've spent time updating and monitoring the Episode IDs, so I know that's not the issue, they are all unique.


    Latest version of iTunes, OS X and IOS on all devices.


    This has been driving me crazy for a couple of weeks now.

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    I think I'm having the same issue on my iPad...if I go to videos > shared doesn't show up but here's what I found. Assuming you're trying to watch the movie on your your iPad go to iTunes > purchases > movies. it should show up there. I hope this works for you.

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    uglycoyote - I appreciate the suggestion and I know you are trying to help but I know my purchases are there and I can redownload them.  The reason I want Home Sharing to work is so I don't waste space on my ipad with a ton of movies.  I have gone through and made sure meta data was set properly on these movies but that is not the problem.  It's almost as if I have limited access to movies purchased through Apple TV.  I can back them up but I cannot share them on my wifi network.  Now I can share them from Macbook to AppleTV but not Macbook to Ipad?  Why?  And why would I need to Home Share movies from my macbook to Apple TV that are already on Apple TV.  LOL


    It just doesn't make sense...  And the problem is I think... Is that movies and shows purchased through Apple TV do not show up in my purchased list for itunes.  They do show up as "Cloud Movies" I can backup.  But they do not show up in my purchase history via Itunes.  You can redownload them to Mac, Iphone, Ipad, but they do not officially show in my purchased list under Itunes on the mac.  And it is only purchases from Apple TV.  And yes they are the same Apple ID's.

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    No matter which device my Apple ID buys something from it should always show in my "purchased" list.  The issue is as simple as that.  Since they are not listed as purchased they don't allow Home Sharing.  But I did purchase them just not through the correct device I guess.  But with all the other devices working and talking to eachother this seems like a big flaw in the Apple TV device.  And what triggers the sending of my latest movies to itunes?  Do I have to have both Apple TV and my Mac on simultaneously?  I actually just checked again and I have movies that aren't even available to download that are on my apple tv right now...  I am going to turn on the apple tv to see if it will somehow sync it.  Will post back with results...  I am missing a season of tv and a movie in my itunes now.  (Same Apple ID)


    You may ask why in the **** do you keep buying from Apple TV if you know of this issue?  Well 1) Convenience 2) I expect Apple to fix it.


    UPDATE:  Yes the only reason I am even able to backup my movies is because of itunes match.  Itunes match is pulling the movies over but they are still not appearing in a purchased list.  It's as if my license to the movies are different when purchasing from that device.  Although I just turned on the apple tv and itunes and clicked update itunes match... and my movies still did not show on itunes...

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    I agree with what you're saying. I just bought Skyfall through my Apple TV because it would allow me to download 1080p (my PC wouldn't) and I specifically recall it saying that this media would be sharable...yet when I'm on my iPad Mini it doesn't show up in Videos > Shared along with all my other non-Apple purchases. This doesn't seem right.


    I tried copying the m4v file to my desktop, renaming it and tried to then import it back into my iTunes library but it didn't do any action. It must recognize the DRM protection.


    I realize now that using my iPad going to iTunes > Purchased I only have the option to download from the cloud, and not to home share it from my PC. I agree that filling up my HD space on my device is not a reasonable solution.


    I see it listed in iTunes on my PC and I right-clicked and selected "download 1080p". Now I have the movie file sitting on my hard drive but I still have the same condition.


    When I checked "Get Info" it shows up as a "Protected MPEG-4 Video File. I wonder if this has something to do with it. Frankly I find the whole purchase/library system very confusing. I never am sure which device to purchase it with or how it will be sharable. Very frustrating. It should be much simpler across all iOS devices. I think DRM issue have a lot to do with the problem.

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    The reason the movies didn't show in my library with a cloud icon to download was because you have to first go to itunes store... then find the tiny "purchased" button on the store...  Not your sidebar that "purchased" button will not have Apple TV movies only the Itunes Store "purhcased" on a computer.  Then you can download the past purchase but like you said... it does not give you the rights to share this.  A simple solution would be to allow Home Sharing from Apple TV as the main hub as opposed to the itunes equipped computer.  I am sure their will be a fix for this as Apple TV improves but for now it's kind of a headache.  Basically I'm just living with the fact I have to sync a movie if I want to watch it.  Oh well...  The only reason for the thread really is if someone other then me has found a solution and to hopefully make the issue apparent to Apple.  While their were other threads with similar issues I don't think their is one this narrowed down as Apple TV being the cause. (Or the DRM of Apple TV movies/shows like you said)

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