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Hi, have a 27-IMac 2.4 - Intel Core2 Duo, 4gRam/667mhz. 10.6.8 ... 450G drive, "189g used, 130g available"


Use this as main recording-studio computer and gets heavy use, typically with multiple open apps writing to either the internal HD and/or external

FW/USB  for recording. Typically might have MS Word, Email Client(Tbird), browser and my audio app open at same time.

I have a single hd volume on the internal


Problem- Frequently, upon certain commands like opening a folder, doc or app... often stuff on the desktop, the finder - well, the display

will 'flash"  as if it's going to crash and then resolve back to where i was and, not complete the command.  It's as if there's a bug...just seems

unstable.  Get a fair amount of random application crashes regularly as well...frequency fluctuates...Some days nothing, other days, multiple times.


I try to only keep only absolutely required apps open at one time...and run DW on the volume a few times a year or for any serious errors.

and Repair Permissions - well that i am never sure of what it's actually doing - If i run it and then immediately run it again, It will show a huge #

of the same 'fixes' that are reported the first time - if that makes sense.  Also keep all file sharing Off and generally try to minimize the drain

on processing as much as possible.


Any other ideas or info on how to make things more stable with this machine, much appreciated,





iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Hi, this is waking up an old thread but i have done most of the maintenance steps listed in your post baltwo, and still run into the problem i described in my post...  Apps crashing frequently, but really annoyingly - Finder will basically blank out - i guess it's essentially crashing - when i'm scrolling through LOTS of files in a window on a Spotlight or "Find" search.  It's as if it's totally stressing out the System to view and scroll through a whole lot of search results - or otherwise it simply won't complete the find command but just flash out and back to the finder window - like it's too much information for the Find function to process.  Is this just me or a known issue others have run into?  Any suggestions appreciated -  I have checked the HD - optimized with DiskWarrior - sorta my primary diagnostic benchmark tool for most everything -  but this still occurs - I have a USB audio interface drawing on the system for recording/editing all the time and i'm wondering if it's somehow more than the Mac can handle - i'm not finding reports on any specific system conflicts for this particular device - and it has latest firmware/software -- perhaps upgrading from 10.6.8 to newer OS could help?  Starting to suspect this version of OS in general because it's generally been buggy and inconsistent compared to even 10.4 - in my experience on this computer anyway.  Thanks for any thoughts!



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    Run the Apple Hardware Test program, extended tests, at least twice, with and w/o your audio interface connected. Then, run Rember. If no problems and you're still getting the problems, log into a newly created admin user account and see if the problem persists. AFAIK, 10.6.8 is the stablest OS out there.

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    Thanks baltwo.  I will check into this but it raises another question if you don't mind -  and i'll probably also post it in the Lion forum but maybe you can advise....


    I just bought a new (2013) MB Air - which arrived pre-installed with Mountain Lion.  Your note about 10.6.8 being most stable therefore makes me question whether i'd be better reverting to 10.6.8, because frankly i don't need all the extra bells and whistles of Lion - it's totally about stable OS for a singular purpose of pro recording on the road as far as the laptop....  What's more, my primary audio app is not appearing to be fully compatible with ML

    and - is an "orphaned" unsupported app as of last Fall - but i depend on it. 


    Supposing I wanted to go with Snow Leopard. , and wanted to migrate everything from the main desktop computer i'm speaking of in this thread - (which is Snow Leopard).  Actually this raises multiple questions...

    If i did a TimeMachine backup of the desktop - and then migrated that on to the laptop - would i possibly 'inherit' any of these Finder issues - or alternatively, if i wanted to install a clean copy of SL SYSTEM onto the laptop first - then would i not be able to migrate over 'just' the applications, prefs, etc. from the desktop?  I know this is getting long-winded - sorry.  I just am thinking about going to 10.6.8 rather than jumping to Lion - especially if the former is more stable and i don't need all the fancy extras.   The other question becomes, would i lose my right to re-load Mountain Lion back onto the laptop from Apple "Recovery" if I do this - 


    This is asking a lot and perhaps it is better to just use my free Apple Support period to get their take on it.




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    Your note about 10.6.8 being most stable therefore makes me question whether i'd be better reverting to 10.6.8,

    Your new machine can't run SL. See these for more info:


    Computer-specific Mac OS X releases http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2191

    http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2191 ICBM Builds

    Don't install a version of Mac OS X earlier than what came with your Mac

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    Ok so I am unable to run certain apps in ML but are stable in SL and evidently must return the new Air for this reason.


    Any recommendation of the most recent best laptop alternative that CAN run SL?


    Very unfortunate to learn this -  was lkng forward to the Air 2013 mainly for its ability to work silently in a recording situation that requires close proximity to a mic w/ miniimal fan or processor noise.  Appears I need to keep looking. 

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    Maybe a refurbed one cica April/May 2011.