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Just to provide background to this query we have moved into a new school building in which the Mac network has already been set up for us and most of it is the same as the system we previously had.


The issue I am having is with one of the user's home folders of which there are 3.


1) The user's windows network home folder which mounts to the desktop

2) The local computer user's home folder

3) The mac networkk home folder which provides more space for our music and media students


This mac network home folder appears as an alias on the desktop which points to a folder with the user's name on the server e.g. (macserver/UserSecondHome/fred).


The alias system is useless as when students go to save from an app they cannot point to thier mac server home as we would like.


As I cannot get support on this issue I need ideas on how this alias is being implemented as I can find no reference to it in workgroup manager, etc; and how I could mount the user's folder as a network drive or place it in the sidebar so that the saving procedure is simple. We have over 1000 accounts to apply this too so I need a solution that I can apply to multiple accounts.