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Last night my brother in law tried to help me trouble shoot why I could not see my pictures in photo stream.  Both he and I have PC's.  When he went into screen saver there was a choose of computers under photo stream and that is what he has checked to get his pictures but my computer does not show up and I think that is the problem.  Why would my computer not show up?  I thought it was because I had my computer hard wired to the modem through and ethernet cable but I since changed it to a wireless connection the same as the apple TV but that didnt help.  Everything else is checked the same as his.  Home sharing is on and the computer in apple TV is the correct itunes account.  The music is in itunes match and that works great. The only thing that doesnt seem to work is the screen saver?


Why is "computer" not showing up under photos in screen saver?

AppleTV 2, Windows Vista