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I am not sure how long this has been happening as I always depended on icloud doing everything so superbly!  However, I have just notices that some of the new contacts and indeed edited contacts are not updating to icloud...   I have made these changes on my iMac in the contacts list - the one I have always used.  However, when checking on my iPhone I noticed that a contact that I recently added was not there?  I then checked my contacts on iMac - yes it was there - but not on iPad, iPhone or iCloud?  Strangely though ... the calendar is perfectly up to date and I make changes to that nearly every day.  When I check iCloud setting on my iMac is shows the account as an @me account - but I have never used that one - my Apple Account is my original email @zen.  It has always been that ever since I started using icloud.  If I attempt to change the account being used on iMac it threatens me.. saying that I will lose all data..  so worried - and frustrated I I need to have this working c orrectly again.  arrrggg..

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    This user tip might help you understand how accounts work with Contacts (Address Book).

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    Thanks for that WC - I'll have to read through it all later - just onmy way out.  But, just one quick response - why has it changed when I haven't altered any settings?

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    Changed to what, you'd need to discover what has happened before I could try to answer that.

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    Sorry WC - I am obviously a dumb one!  I have had a scan through your user tips - and have ended up even more confused.   I asked why the settings have changed - as they obviously have; as they were wroking absilutely fine and now they are not - however, as explained I notice that there is an account that I did not set up @me account which is something that iCloud or Apple Account have done on my behalf I guess.  I use myzen email address to sign into iCloud and my apple account.  Somewhere along the last few weeks or so my account sign in has been changed to @me.com.  It looks as though this is only on my iMac - not on iphone, ipod touch or ipad.  So when I add something to address book on imac it no longer updates to iCloud.... but oddly enough my calendar and notes still does?  If I attempt to change back the account that I use with contact and address book to sync with iCloud I am warned that I will lose all my contacts on the iMac.  That I do not want to do as the iMac holds the correct and updated version.  Where to go?  I need to get this synced again with the original email that I sed to sign in the Apple iCloud with ..  I am terribly confused.  I have turned on/off contacts on devices, to no avail.  I have checked preferences on Address book iMac and that all appears ok.  The devices are set to iCloud as default.  humph.... I dunno?  I recall getting an email from Apple some time ago saying that they had alocated me a new mail account - I wasn't absolutely sure why - but maybe I should have kept hold of that and used it?  Hope you can make some sens of this.  Many thanks..

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    Right - this is where I am at now...  I managed to sing out of iCloud account and sign back in with the @me.com account id (?)  This has resulted in the following


    All notes, calendar and contacts details update from iMac to all devices and iCloud

    All notes, calendar and contacts details update from iPad to all devices and iCloud and iMac

    All notes, calendar and contacts details update from iCloud to all devices and iMac

    All notes, calendar update from iPhone to all devices and iCloud and iMac BUT contacts DO NOT update from iphone...I have obviously missed a crucial setting for contacts somewhere but cannot rtace it at all.


    I cannot get this right - but I realy must.  Any suggestions?


    I am baffled as to why this has changed to the Apple Account ID of @me.com when I always used my default address of myzen.com.  How did it change?  This has resulted as far as I can see in having 2 iCloud accounts and Apple ID's.  Very weird...and very annoying as I can't work out what should be which!


    Many thanks

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    If you are worried, back up your contacts by selecting the first contacts, shift clicking the last contact (to select all of them) and drag them to your desktop.


    If the @icloud address is the alternate address given to you for your myzen address ID, then it won't matter which address you sign in with. It sounds as though this is probably the case if calendars etc are still syncing.


    Are your contacts on your Mac in the Mac account or the iCloud account.

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    hope this helps... your apple id - which should be a main email address - is gonna be the same as your @me.com and @icloud.com as far as login information goes. Your password will be the same for all of those which is your apple id password.

    I would recommend deleting your icloud accounts from your ios devices and resigning into them with your apple id. on your mac, just sign out of your apple id in icloud in preferences and sign back in.

    If your devices ask to delete icloud info - say yes only if your info is safe somewhere else on a device. When asked to merge always choose yes.

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    Hi WC.  thanks   I have copied the contacts list to desktop.  That's safe..  I understand from anymorgan3 that all Apple ID are the same iCloud account, and as you say it doesn't appear to make any difference which address I sign in with..  My contacts are in my contacts on iMac - that's where I tend to update and edit etc - and they sync from there without problems to my iCloud - and to devices.  The problem I have now is that editing contacts on iphone is not pushing through to icloud and therefore not syncing to devices.  It was the other way around before I changed a setting - it was not pushing to iphone, but as I now say iphone is not pushing to icloud....  Goodness??  What to do?  I don't like the sound of deleting iCloud from ios devices - that's too frightening!

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    I appear to be going around in circles.    I have succesfully deleted the icloud account from iphone and signed it back in again.  This did not solves the problem.  I then deleted all the contacts in iMac address book and reimported the cards from desktop.  Now..  The iCloud address book is not showing any contacts at all.  The phone is showing only the contacts with phone numbers, not birthday contacts or email contacts.  What to do?  My address book on iMac is correct - everything else is wrong.  Do I need to import contacts to iCloud or should it do it automatically if I am signed in?

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    http://iphone-contacts.over-blog.com/article-iphone-contacts-disappear-106829462 .html


    http://transfer-iphone-contacts.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/icloud-contacts-not-synci ng.html


    Well .... I have sorted it - finally!  Not absolutely what did the trick - a combination of everything I think - but for those who have read this thread and need help too you may find the above links useful as well as WC's tips.


    Taking time and keeping calm helps - and testing each device at a time - it was very worrying when iCloud cleared all contact - but once I corrected groups on iphone to icloud only and then switch off and restarted it all came back into sync.  this was very confusing with all the Apple ID signins - but once I established the same o ne on each device it appears ok now - yippeeeee!