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  • ~Bee Level 7 (31,365 points)

    menschie --



    Safari is not having issues.

    You are.

    And, so are other people here.  This is a tech forum to ask for help.  All the people with no problems are not posting here. 


    I wish you would take this advice seriously.

    You have a 3rd party app or internet haxie that is affecting your Safari.


    If you just noticed this toda,what did you change yesterday?

  • menschie Level 1 (0 points)

    I've done every single thing that you've said I should do and continued to give as much information as I can additionally. Not sure how that warrants you talking down to me, unless you completely misread my previous post??? I feel like I'm missing something.


    To reiterate... the only time the Mac Pro's been touched in the last 2 weeks is the update to the iWork stuff--yet it has the same problem as the MacBook (and yes permissions have been repaired, Safari reset, PRAM reset).

  • menschie Level 1 (0 points)

    Okay, after being out tonight I came home and tried the links for kicks again... they all work now. Furthermore I tried the link in this guy's thread who was having the same issues as me as well. It didn't work earlier for me but it works now.


    I didn't touch anything, change anything at all but let a few hours lapse. In the past day I vaguely remember OSX asking me for some kind of permission for facebook integration. I'm guessing that this somehow, and not locally, was messing up some HTTPS connectivity... timing out on something it was looking for but not getting.

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    Yesterday, a wide variety of sites under Safari were hanging and not coming up correctly.  I switched over to Chrome and Firefox to see I'd experience the same results and didn't.  They worked perfectly and were quick.  This morning, Safari is back to working normally again.  I'm not sure how to explain that one.



  • menschie Level 1 (0 points)

    Sleepy-Hollow: Yeah, seems like a lot of people were having this problem the other day--reading on other forums too. Thanks a lot for reporting in to this thread. 


    Bee: I would have loved to mark some of your posts as "helpful" just for the effort you made, even though you didn't tell me to do anything that I hadn't already done. I can see that points are very important to you. However, you obviously didn't expect to get any points from me after you totally talked down to me in your last post... something you had already chastised me for. Furthermore, may I encourage you to think a little bit outside of the box--as you seemed incensed that I though my Safari problems could actually be an external Apple issue and placed a great premium on the "Mac Trouble 101 Advice" that you were giving me. I guess you should have "taken my advice seriously" this time around. 

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    You will be remembered for the rudeness and attitude you have shown to volunteers here who have tried to help you.

  • menschie Level 1 (0 points)

    I was a bit of a jerk at the very start. Bee called me out on it and I was happy to apologize for it and took my lumps. Bee then proceeded to talk down to me and discount my input in the matter and I called him out on that. It is what it is man and I don't think anyone will lose any sleep over any of it.

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