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I have a iPhone 4s 32gb,


when i am at home i cannot send and receive texts and my phone struggles to make calls and i cannot receive calls. If i travel to uni or somewhere in the center of the city my phone operates like normal sending and recieve texts as normal etc. ive done all  restores to factory settings, reset network settings etc.


ive contacted my network provider they say it isnt them, any any advice will be great?


Somethings that might help... when i restart the phone i can send texts for like a few mins then it stops. the signal bar always seems to be at 4/5 bars never moves. 3g isnt as constant as it used to be with emails etc not coming through as soon as they are delieverd to my inbox and my battery seems to have 1/2 its life these last few days any advice please





iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1
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