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I am having problems with an error message  – sparse bundle could not be created. error 17


I am using a mac book pro id 6,2 running 10.6.8 ( I have not updated because of software I need to run that will not run under lion or mountain lion)


I am using a la Cie external drive 1TB attached to a mac mini connected by wireless to my mac book pro. The mac mini is running 10.8.2


I was trying to research this and ran across a post in australia mac forum that using an external drive connected through wireless is unsupported and fragile. This set up has been working since may (over 6 monhs) however, I have had problems and had to abandon the backups previously and start over. The post said that Apple Airport is designed to be used as an external backup where as other drives are guaranted to fail.


Is that what I need to do buy a airport drive? or is their something else going on??