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Michael Ryan. Level 4 (1,445 points)

Hello All,


Just noticed that an update for FCPX was just released.  Version 10.0.7     I wonder if this will fix my Neat Video plug in?




  • James Cude Level 4 (1,345 points)

    Yay- I highly recommend everyone back up your copy of FCPX before updating from the Mac App Store. And better to not do this in the middle of a major project. Here's how to back up before updating:


  • dastoelk Level 3 (665 points)

    Any feedback, yet, on this update?

  • cigame Level 1 (45 points)

    Have to generate proxies again because they are not found by 10.0.7

  • leefromnew haven Level 1 (35 points)

    Background Porcesses are now much better implemented.


    After the update I can Import foorage from a Card and / or Hard Drive and imediately start renaming clips!  I can also Move Events .... and similarlly edit names on the desination drive instantly.  No waiting until Background Operations have finished!!  For me this is immense.


    Don't know what other improvements there are .... but it feels snappy on my machine.


    As usual be careful of updating with Projects that are  partially finished. Copy all your  Enents and Projects that you might need to open in the older version if you need to roll back.


    Back up your old App version too .... just copy the whole older FCP X object to a backup location. You can put it back if you need to


    Also  in some cases updates dont affect Items created in older versions even after they are 'converted' to be compatible with the new version.... so benefits only show up on new material.

  • dastoelk Level 3 (665 points)

    I'm in between projects. I'm gonna make the plunge! (May have to "sweeten" old projects. But I'm gonna go for it. I've backed up 10.0.6 if I run into trouble.) Here goes...

  • Alchroma Level 6 (18,260 points)

    The updated FCP X didn't ask for any re-hashing of existing Projects and all seems fine.

    I noticed it was an incremental updte of only about 120 Mb rather than the usual 1.2 gig.



  • Jim Wanamaker Level 4 (2,440 points)

    I updated from the App store and it was the full file of 1.2 gig. Curious how you only got 120 Mb?

  • Alchroma Level 6 (18,260 points)

    I usually look and that's what it said, it only took an appropriate amount of time to get the smallish update.

    Other than that I don't know?????



  • Studio Engineer Level 2 (445 points)

    I too am only having to download the 126 MB update...


    Perhaps you did not go from 10.0.6 to 10.0.7 but from an earlier version ?

  • Jim Wanamaker Level 4 (2,440 points)

    Nope went from 10.0.6. It downloaded the whole 1.16 Gig and took 7 min. Another strange App store occurence. I downloaded about 3pm pacific time. Wonder if they didn't have the short version posted yet?

  • DJ Duke Level 1 (55 points)

    I tried to do other tasks like copying,. moving etc but I still get the message I can't while background task is running...

  • RyanManUtd Level 1 (105 points)

    Michael Ryan. wrote:


    Hello All,


    Just noticed that an update for FCPX was just released.  Version 10.0.7     \




    Wow so fast 10.0.7 is out. Kudos !

  • James Arnold Level 1 (20 points)

    On my Mac Pro DT the update was 126MB. On my MacBook Air I started the download at home and saw it was downloading the 1.16GB version. The connection at the time was so slow I stopped it after a while. At work the next morning I connected the same MBA to our wireless at work and this time it downloaded the 126MB update. This would suggest a bug with the App store update.

  • iTeppy Level 1 (0 points)

    Do you know if with this version of Final Cut Pro has been corrected the bugs with the third party video plugin's like Magic Bullet Look or Neat Video?



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