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Can anyone tell me which user jabberd_notification/c2s uses to authenticate against OD? I am receiveing the following error message in /var/log/system.log when starting the notification service:


    jabberd_notification/c2s[207]: ODKVerifyClientRequestFixed: Unable to authenticate: Credential verification failed because password has expired.


I'd love to just be able to un-expire the password for the account as I'm also not sure what the password would be - nor where to find it. I'm also not sure how a system account's password was expired, but I can figure that one out.



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    Ok - solving my own question:


    The user is found via:

    serveradmin settings notification:privilegedUsers


    You can then lookup the password used by the calendar server when using the notification server:


    serveradmin settings calendar:Notifications:Services:XMPPNotifier:Password


    Then use the workgroup manager to change the shell of the notification user to something other than bin/false, attempt a login with the credentials:


    su - com.apple.notificationuser


    And it will prompt you for the password. Enter it for old, new and retype (so that you're just refreshing the password, not changing it).


    Finally, set the shell back to /bin/false