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I've finally accepted that Apple are not replacing the old Gallery.


With regard to Photo stream, I think I have worked it out..... you can create albums from within it, but this only works if you take a picture from your iOS device.


Bottom line is, most of the pics I want to keep in albums will not be taken with my iOS device.


So how do I (can I?) import photos in to photo stream?


Please help....

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1
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    I use web journals as a replacement for some of my Mobile Me galleries, see:

    iPhoto for iOS (iPad): Create a journal

    You will need an iCloud account for this and iPhoto on your iPad; then you can create journals and publish them to your iCloud homepage. You can publish any photos you have on your iPad to a web journal, not only those taken with your IOS device.


    I am not sure I understand your workflow with photos, and how you want to use Photo Stream to replace Mobile Me galleries. Where do the photos on your iPad come from? Do you sync them with iTunes? Do you have a Mac and iPhoto on your Mac?

    If you have a Mac, what are your versions of Mac OS X and iPhoto?


    Until you have told us a little more, here are general help articles, that might answer your question:

    iCloud: Photo Stream FAQ

    iCloud: Photo Stream Troubleshooting

    iPhoto for iOS (iPad): Use photos in other apps


    Post back with more information on what exactly you want to do.




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    Thanks for getting back to me....


    I have and iphone 5 and iPad 2... Both running the latest iOS software.


    I already have an iCloud account and I also have the iPhoto app... iPhoto is just as big a mystery (to me) as photo stream.


    I have created a journal and tried to publish this to the web, but doesn't appear to have worked? If it does, does it mean the journal will be visible when I sign in to iCloud from my Windows laptop? If so, it doesn't appear here.


    With regard to using photo stream to replace my Mobile Me gallery, I thought that's what it was designed to do.


    Are you saying I should ditch photo stream (for galleries at least) and utilise the Journals in iPhoto? I just need to learn how to use it properly?

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    Who shall be able to see your photos? If you use "My Photo Stream", only persons using your AppleID and iCloud account will be seeing the Photos. That is very restrictive. And the PhotoStream does not store your photos for a long time. It only pushes the photos to your other devices.

    You can use Shared Photo Streams. That are stored in the cloud and you can invite other iCloud users to view these streams. But they will need MacOS X Mt. Lion to see the stream.  iCloud: Using and troubleshooting Shared Photo Streams


    But if you publish a journal as a webpage to your iCloud homepage, the webpage will be stored in the cloud and you can invite persons to view the webpage. They do not need to sign up for a shared photo stream.


    To view your published web journal in a web browser you need to share a link, also to yourself on your windows laptop:


    1. To share a link to your published journal, tap Share Journal and do any of the following:
      • Send a link in a message: Tap Message, add a recipient, and tap Send.
      • Tweet a link: Tap Twitter and enter a tweet. Tap Send.
      • Post a link to Facebook: Tap Facebook and tap Post.
      • Send an email with a link: Tap Mail, add a recipient, and tap Send.
      • Copy a link: Tap Copy and paste the link into another app.

    Sharing your journal and publishing to Photo Stream may take a long time. Your iPad will not upload to the Cloud, if the battery is low (less then 20%).

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    99% of viewing will be myself (or wife) from my ipad.


    However, I would like to be able to share photos the odd time.


    From what you are saying above, it sounds like this is the answer I'm looking for.


    I've just published a journal and it would appear to have worked... iPhoto is the way forward.


    Many, many thanks for your help. It's very much appreciated!

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    You are welcome! Glad to help.