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I currently have a Toshiba L650 Satellite.

I'm an 18 year old female, and I want to buy my very first macbook.

As Macbooks are expensive, I want to get the perfect one for me.


I use my laptop for:

-Photoshop (I edit a lot of pictures/gifs/etc)

-Photo's (lots of photos I take on my camera I store on my computer, this also means I want an SD card slot)

-USB plug ins.

-Music (So I want to be able to put discs in my computer)

-Storing videos. (Average amount, not lots, just average amount of videos)

-Word documents I use often.

-Internet (I spend A LOT of time on the internet - facebook, youtube, social networking, browsing, etc. My laptops main use is the internet and photos)

-I watch some TV shows on it, like Vampire Diaries, etc sometimes.

-I'm not really a gamer. I do, however, play the sims 3 ocassionally and I'm thinking about buying Skyrim, but don't know about this one, maybe not.
-I webcam a lot too. Via Facebook generally. But sometimes Skype too.

& I think that's about it.


What would be the better Macbook for me?


I was looking at either the Macbook pro 13" or the Macbook air 13" - but don't know which one or if neither of these would suit me.

I like my computers to run fast and I like as much memory as possible. However, on my current laptop I've only used 83gb I think. It says total space is 583gb and there's 500gb remaining so I think that means I used 83gb?

On my new laptop, I want to store a bit more stuff than that though. So what is best for me?? What MAC is best for me??

I don't know a lot about computers so you may need to explain thoroughly for me to understand better.