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I currently have a Toshiba L650 Satellite.

I'm an 18 year old female, and I want to buy my very first macbook.

As Macbooks are expensive, I want to get the perfect one for me.


I use my laptop for:

-Photoshop (I edit a lot of pictures/gifs/etc)

-Photo's (lots of photos I take on my camera I store on my computer, this also means I want an SD card slot)

-USB plug ins.

-Music (So I want to be able to put discs in my computer)

-Storing videos. (Average amount, not lots, just average amount of videos)

-Word documents I use often.

-Internet (I spend A LOT of time on the internet - facebook, youtube, social networking, browsing, etc. My laptops main use is the internet and photos)

-I watch some TV shows on it, like Vampire Diaries, etc sometimes.

-I'm not really a gamer. I do, however, play the sims 3 ocassionally and I'm thinking about buying Skyrim, but don't know about this one, maybe not.
-I webcam a lot too. Via Facebook generally. But sometimes Skype too.

& I think that's about it.


What would be the better Macbook for me?


I was looking at either the Macbook pro 13" or the Macbook air 13" - but don't know which one or if neither of these would suit me.

I like my computers to run fast and I like as much memory as possible. However, on my current laptop I've only used 83gb I think. It says total space is 583gb and there's 500gb remaining so I think that means I used 83gb?

On my new laptop, I want to store a bit more stuff than that though. So what is best for me?? What MAC is best for me??

I don't know a lot about computers so you may need to explain thoroughly for me to understand better.

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    Most of your list could be supported by either MacBook you listed. I think if you are a heavy user of Photoshop that you will find the MacBook Pro to be the better solution.


    You version of Photoshop that you have on your Toshiba will not run  on the Mac and will have to be replaced with the Mac version. Adobe may make you a deal on the Mac version. Call an ask their sales staff what they can do for you if you want to stay with PS.


    Seeing as how you are planning on switching platform, you may want to check out two applications from Apple before you switch which are iPhoto and Aperture.


    The first iPhoto will come with you Mac and is a way of storing photos and doing simple editing on them. It is very well integrated with the rest of the software on the Mac.


    The other is Aperture. This is an extra cost item that is for the more serious user. It is capable of much more powerful edits on your photos.



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    Okay, so, if we set aside the whole photoshop thing for a second, which is better for the other things? Like internet, memory for photos, running fast with loading internet and computer itself [start up, loading photos, etc].

  • Allan Eckert Level 9 (50,709 points)

    Without the PS, the MacBook Air should be able to handle that other work fine. It would also be lighter if that is important.


    Loading photos into iPhoto can be handled by the MBA also.


    It would be heavy hitters like Photoshop and Aperture that would need the MacBook Pro.



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    Okay, well, all in all which is the better laptop?


    It's a lot of money to be spending, and considering they're the same price, I want to get the better one.

  • Allan Eckert Level 9 (50,709 points)

    I have said everything I am going to say. It is now up to you.



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    you mentioned putting discs in your machine so that should eliminate the air.