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Hello, I have a (Company owned) iPhone 4 with upgraded IOS5 installed. I have 345 pics , several videos, notes, contacts, and my favorite songs(68 of them) in there. I must return the phone to my former employer. I have purchased  a new phone with an SD card capable of 8GB external storage. I also purchased an 8GB flash/thmb drive per advice of the Verizon retail store that stated they can only transfer pics/contacts and failed to even do that after a 2 hour wait. so, how do I transfer my data from old iphone to new Gallaxy S Fascinate? Please!   Thanks much... Deano

iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    You'll have to check for 3rd party apps that can help with this, such as http://www.wondershare.net/phone-transfer/.

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    You can import photos to the computer http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4083. Contacts and calendar can be synced to the computer as well to a supported application. How to transfer them from there is something I don't know, unless the new device supports getting contacts from those programs. You can also sync your calendar and contacts to gmail and then you would be able to sync them to the Droid that way. songs are in iTunes and are saved on your computer if you have them added there. However they could be in AAC version which would mean you would have to convert them for the Droid. You might want to go to an Android forum, they may have information there about how to do it, since many Apple owners have switched to Android.