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"Other" takes up over 26 gigs on my Iphone. After two years I've finally found out that the bulk of it, 23gigs, is from voice memos that I have deleted. They yet still remain on my phone somehow. The new update shows that there are still thousands of voice memos that have stayed on the phone for years. Some of them have been duplicated up to 8 times. I have went through and deleted all the duplicated from the itunes library on my computer, I have deleted all the memos on my phone one by one, yet they still remain hidden somewhere on the phone. I have an Iphone 5 with 64gigs and these hidden voice files are taking over a third of the space. How do I get rid of them?

iPhone 5
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    Hello There! To delete Voice Memos from your iPhone you must first simply open the Voice Memos application which should start up on a screen with a Microphone in the center, a red circle/record button on the bottom left corner and a button with three horizontal lines in the bottom right corner. Then Tap the button with the three horizontal lines which should bring up the list of all the Voice Memos on your iPhone. To delete the unwanted Voice Memos simple tap one and it will become highlighted in blue and hit the red delete button on the bottom right hand corner. Repeat the last step on all of the unwanted Voice Memos. Hope this helps.

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    I have the same problem. Did you ever find a solution short of wiping the phone and starting from scratch?

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    What I do is go to the "Songs" tab and delete it directly from there.  Hope I helped!

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    I had this same issue, and when I called Apple they told me there was nothing I could do except completely erase and reinstall my phone.

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    I had same issue. Old deleted voice memo files still on my iPhone which takes up lots of storage space. You can see them in iTunes (music on my iphone).


    I searched around, and found this software http://www.macroplant.com/iexplorer/, downloaded the free version and installed on my PC, I can see and delete those files. However had to delete them 1 by 1 which is time consuming, not sure if this is the restriction for the free/demo version of sw. Lots of space freed up on my iPhone

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    you may want to try ifunbox.. I was able to delete memos from the "raw file system" folder and free up space

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    Thanks! I couldn't delete my voice memos from my phone and your solution worked like a charm. Thank you for posting!!  ilene

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    no problem! I'm just glad it worked- I'd been struggling over this for a long time myself lol so i figured i'd share!  It's a very good software

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    This helped me a lot.  I have lots of confidential recordings and it was making me crazy that I couldn't get rid of them when finished.  However, the i-Funbox solution seems incomplete.  The recordings themselves are gone but the listings are still there, they just all have zero length.  I'm tempted to just delete the database file as well, also in the Recordings folder.  Has anyone tried this?  I don't care if I destroy the Voice Memo app.  As far as I'm concerned it's worse than useless and easily replaced by decent apps like iTalk.  Has anyone found a way to get rid of the listings as well as the content of recordings or maybe to just get rid of Voice Memo completely?

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    As far as I remember, my listings cleared out after I made sure the memos were deleted from both the "raw system file" folder as well as the "voice memos" folder in ifunbox- After that, doing a re-sync with iTunes updated my voice memo app and nothing showed up there afterwards (I may have rebooted my phone as well). I can't test it right this second, but again that's what I remember doing the trick


    Everything's fine with my voice memos app now, and I still use it for "quick and dirty" recordings