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With the brand new interface of iTunes 11.0, how do I transfer a iTunes library playlist to my iPhone now? Can you still drag and drop? Can you change the windows and interface of the latest iTunes 11.0 so you can see your iTunes library and iPod/iPhone at the same time to drag and drop items?



iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1
Solved by infiniter on Dec 6, 2012 1:14 PM Solved

You can do it like before. Open the sidebar (Ctrl+s) and there you go.

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    You can do it like before. Open the sidebar (Ctrl+s) and there you go.

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    Ctrl+s doesn't do anything.  I can get a sidebar by clicking on "playlists" at the top but the device doesn't show up in the sidebar anymore, only a list of playlists.  If I try to drag a playlist onto the "iPhone" device icon in the top right corner of the window it doesn't let me, and nothing happens.


    If I try dragging an individual album to the right in order to get it onto my iphone via a sidebar that opens up on the right hand side, as the tutorial says, that works.  But it doesn't work if you try to drag individual songs or groups of songs.  There is apparently no way to get a song onto your iPhone anymore, or a playlist.  (After more fiddling) ... okay, you can do the drag-to-the-right-and-a-new-window-will-open-up thing with individual songs but you can't do it from the "songs" or "artists" or "genres" or "playlists" list, you can only do it from the 'album' list.


    (Further fiddling, using every possible command button - none of them worked - and then every possible combination of command buttons to see if I could get the sidebar window to open up): ctrl+s does nothing; likewise option+s and command+s.  However, And I am going to put this in caps for all the other frustrated people out there,




    And then you can put music and playlists on your iPhone the way you used to be able to before they decided to make iTunes impossible to do anything but buy stuff with. 


    No thanks to Apple for not bothering to put this anywhere in the documentation, or the help file.

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    This solved it for me. Thank you Laurel.