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I have a G5 and an iMac and a laptop that runs M$. The G5 is really slow loading web pages. Sometimes it will load one web page fine, but then the next web page will take forever. I have even had emails timeout on mail.yahoo.com This started happening 2 weekends ago.


I ran speed tests on a few websites, and the up and down speeds are great. The M$ laptop tested just fine on these websites. Even if I ping yahoo.com, the latency is can be from 80 to 200. On the speed test websites, the latency for the G5 is around 80. I have bypassed the router, plugging directly into the cable that brings in the internet, and the latency is really high. I have pluuged the iMac bypassing the router, and the latency is alright. I have tried different cables, to the iMac and to the G5; the G5 always has higher latency. I have tried the Airport Card in the G5, and the latency is still high.


Does the Airport card and the wired NIC use the same NIC?


I do not understand what it could be.

G5 PowerfulMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8), Dual 1.8GHz, 1024MB RAM, 615GB HDs
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    1 - Flush your DNS cache


    2 - Use Google DNS servers


    3 - Remove virus checking software


    4 - Disable fraudulent sites check


    5 - Set browser history to no more than a week


    6 - Trash all cookies


    7 - Reset Safari with most boxes ticked


    8 - Restart the Mac


    9 - Do not use tabs


    10 - Disable RSS


    11 - Use AppleJack with the following command:


    applejack AUTO shutdown


    12 - Install more memory