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I realize Pages will not open Appleworks 5 files. However, for some reason, when I copied my Appleworks 5 files onto a hard drive and put them on my PPC G4 iBook running OS 10.4, the icons for the files are appearing as unix executable files. I had no problem opening 5 files with 6 and did so every time I opened one. I would save them as version 6 (to upgrade the file) as suggested. But, the files that were copied from my old G3 to the G4 using the hard drive to move them, are now unable to open on the G4 using even Appleworks 6.


I had planned to open them in 6, convert them to 6, then open them in Pages.


This is why people hate Microsoft and Apple is doing the same nonsense. It's bad enough to buy a brand new imac that doesn't have a Superdrive. Why put an SD card reader on the ports while leaving off useful things like the drive, or minimally a Firewire 400 or 800 port. That aside, I had no idea their own proprietary software (Pages) would be designed to not work with Appleworks 5. This is why someone can get away with refusing to use Microsoft Office, or should be the reason.


Why are these files showing up as Unix files and cannot be opened even with Appleworks 6???


Any advice?

Ibook G4 1.42, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Unix assumes any file without an extension is an executable file. the Classic (pre OS X) Mac OS did not use extensions/suffixes, but depended on internal Creator and Type codes to identify the application associated with a particular file. Unix (including OS X) does not recognize these codes, and requires an extension.


    For AppleWorks, the extension is .cwk.


    Add that extension to your AW5 filenames and they should open in AW6.


    As for the dropping of the Superdrive, this seems to be just the most recent step in pushing the Mac into the present. The first second was dropping the 3 1/2" floppy drive from the original iMac. Prior to that, the first Mac had a 3 1/2 inch floppy, but not the 5 1/4 inch version used earlier on the Apple ][ series. Have you had need to use a floppy recently?