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I'm having a little trouble. I recently received an iMac PowerPC G5 with a busted HDD.


It has that infamous problem with the SuperDrive spitting every disk out, so I used dd on my linux  box to put the Tiger image onto a 4gb pen-drive and booted it up through open-firmware via "boot ud:,\\:tbxi." I'm now successfully running Tiger.


However, support for Tiger is pretty poor and this guy meets the prereqs to run Leopard. Problem is, I don't have an 8gb pen-drive to hold that massive dual-layer image.



My setup is simple-- I have a Linux/PC dual-boot box and an iMac hooked together through a wired router. I don't care about security issues, I just need the simplest possible way to boot this thing over the network. I have the Leopard install image as a .dmg, but I can make it whatever format is best.


I found this guide--



But it's rather deprecated, and the explanation of tftp isn't very clear.


I've been researching dnsmasq, but I'm pretty clueless about which configuration options I need to setup to get this to work.




Given a router, a linux/pc box, and a Mac, where do I need to put what to boot an install image in open-firmware?



iMac G5 (20-inch iSight), Mac OS X (10.4.11)