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Sorry, this is a trick question as I have discovered the only solution to this annoyance of bells, choo choos, and other random tones is to turn each app off. To do so:


  • Click Settings-> Notifications
  • Look at the listing of apps under 'In Notification Center'
  • If the key word 'Sounds' is displayed under the app label, click it,
  • Scroll down to Sounds, and
  • Click the toggle to turn it off



On a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the dexterity of your mind , enable one at a time until you become familiar with the  sound. Completely annoying isn't it? However, its the only way to get my feable mind familiar with the  sounds these third partiers choose. And good luck if you happen to have enabled two apps that use the same Ringtone or it changes during the next app update. Other alternatives: jail break your iPhone and install PushTone or connect to it with ssh.


As far as I can tell, ONLY the Apple provided apps such as Phone, Reminders, etc., allow the sound to be customized. However, you can not see (i.e. the key word 'Sound' is not listed) by reviewing the list of enabled Notifications. But, it is much easier to customize them using Setting-> Sounds.


Hi Apple, I'm aware that you do not review this forum. But, if you happen to see Santa tell him that you plan to make an easy interface to customize and enable all third party app sounds instead of the tedious option to turn each one off. Overall, I'd prefer to select the tone the same way as I do for Ringtones, text tones, etc, using the Setting-> Sounds interface. Happy Holidays!