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How do Remote Desktop Admin 3.6.1 from 24 Sept with Download ID SL1595 and 14.73 MB in size and another from 3 Dec labelled DL1570 and 14.75 MB in size differ?  Perhaps this is a version labelling problem, the one from 3 Dec perhaps is actually 3.6.2?  There's two separate support pages for the separate downloads, the titles are a little different with some juxtapositioning, "Apple Remote Desktop 3.6.1 Admin" and "Apple Remote Desktop Admin 3.6.1", respectively. My existing copy of Admin 3.6.1 only offers to update clients to Client 3.6.1; I installed Client 3.6.2 manually on the clients via downloading from the download page for it. Gonna wait on the Admin to see if Apple fixes this soon.

MacBook Pro (15-inch Early 2008), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    There's nothing to fix here. The newer 3.6.1 Admin updater only includes the latest 3.6.2 client software. This updates someone's system properly when they're coming from and Admin version prior to 3.6.1. If you already had Admin version 3.6.1 installed then then you'll be offered the 3.6.2 update on Lion systems. The update is not necessary for 10.8 - 10.8.2 as the only bug fixed was with iChat on Lion. Of course you can manually install the 3.6.2 client update on your Mountain Lion systems if you'd like.