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Does anyone know how to revert to a previous version of iCal?


The new 5.0.3 iCal update is giving me huge problems.


When editing events, sometimes a delete button appears in the bottom right corner of the Edit window. Reflexivly, I click the small button, which I don't realize until it's too late, had changed to a 'delete' button. The new event is gone; there is no undo available.


I lost several appointments until I realized what was happening. I have lost new appointment with all the details I'd entered since.


Realize that this is just an opinion, but it is unfathomable why the UI change after all this time. There seems to be no good reason for having a delete button sometimes appear on the edit window.


Another change that is driving me crazy is that the Edit window open and close shortcuts were both command-E. Now, the commands have changed.


Please help! This is driving me crazy. I use iCal dozens of times a day. The new changes are not making me happy.