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Hi all,

Has anyone else experienced this?  I used to keep various versions of my tracks : eg I would import a purchased CD and would also convert it to MPEG.  Or, I have created my own content/tracks and have them in various sources (when I cut CDs for clients, some have MPEG players and other need to play on older CD players).  I have just found that 99.9% of my files are now MPEGs.  This means where I used to have apparent duplicates (which werent, because they were different file formats), I now really do have duplicates: all MPEGs.  Please don't tell me I am going to have to go through and convert them all back as I discover them?!?!   This has just added days and days of work - Apple how could you?????

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    Actually, I have just realised that the whole ability to convert track file types is gone!  It used to be an option under the Advanced menu. 


    So does anyone have any suggestions about how to convert files?  I create meditations in an external compatible source and then import it into iTunes.  I then create a couple of versions : depending on whether clients have MP3 player, old CD player, or whatever......  


    This could be a total new way to work - I hate that: I have a perfectly workable way of doing things and then that has stopped....  now I have to discover a new way.....grrrrr (starts playing relax meditation.....mmmmm... lol)