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Cellular data plans are charged for usage over Wi-Fi on my new iphone5. Is this a hardware problem or software ? Please help

iPhone 5, iOS 6, 32GB Black
  • sberman Level 7 Level 7

    No they're not.  Go to Settings > General > Cellular and turn off everything there and you won't be charged.

  • sachit Level 1 Level 1

    But on my iphone4 cellular data doesn't get charged over wifi even if the cellular data is on and yes after switching off the cellular data on iphone 5 nothing is charged. I am using vodafone prepaid card so when I surf on the net on wifi when both cellular data and wifi is on message pops up for the data usage and the money deducted from the service provider.

  • sberman Level 7 Level 7

    Check the specific apps listed under Settings > General > Cellular. You'll find iCloud, iTunes, FaceTime, Passbook and Reading List. Any or all these may use cellular data even when you're connected to Wifi unless you somehow restrict that behavior.

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    That's Verizon. You're using Vodaphone. I don't see how the cnet article relates to the discussion.

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    May be that problem is widespread. we have 166 pages on this same issue on Apple support website and i see no solution. Let me try one more time. What about your iphone5?

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    I use a limited amount of cellular data with AT & T, but the data amount is so small I have no problem.

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    I have the iPhone 5, and I have to turn cellular data totally off.  The first day I owned it, I was charged for (although the T-Mobile rep was eager to point out that I wasn't "charged" but that I had "used") .65G.  I have a plan for 2.5G so I wasn't happy. The T-Mobile rep also wanted to assure me that I wasn't "charged" any extra $$ if I went over that amount, and that the "only" thing that would happen was that my Cellelar Data Service would _slow_ down!  But, if I _do_ have cellular data turned ON, my iPhone uses that and ignores WiFi.  So, I must turn data off and on, which is a PITA.


    Not only must I repeatedly turn off cellular data, but I also turn off bluetooth (if I leave it turned on, bluetooth is constantly searching for any device I ever connected to BT thus, IMO, wearing down the battery)  and Location Services (another battery drain)


    Today, I walked for 1.5 hours with Location turned ON.  I started at 100% and ended at 29% battery.


    Apple needs to give us EASY ways to turn off cellular data, locations, and bluetooth easily.  Perhaps through an app that they either author or encourage from their vendors.  And PLEASE find a way that the battery doesn't need to be recharged every 3 hours!