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I was researching Android virus safety for my Dad.  I did a Google search and was clicking some of the links.  I then clicked one link and it had some kind of pop up on the site wanting me to install their app.  I didn't want to and tried to hit the back button.  It would not work.  I then tried to close the tab and got redirected to two **** sites.  I cleared all my cookies, data, and history.  Now when I open a new tab or go to type anything in the address bar I get 3 sub-tabs (or links) that I have never noticed before.  They are in between the address bar and the main Safari tab.  They are "suggested sites", "free hotmail", and "web slice gallery".  They all seem to be Microsoft/IE related.


Are these supposed to be here?  Do I have a virus?  If so how do I fix his?


Thanks for your help.

iPad, iOS 6.0.1