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Ok so I replaced my mbp hard drive with a new ssd hard drive after finding out the original hard drive was corrupt. What led me to this conclusion was the kernel panics causing me to almost have a stroke. Booted in verbose mode and saw that the volume in the hard drive was corrupt. After replacing the hard drive with a brand new one, with no backup to restore I proceeded to install my Mac OS X 10.6.3 DVD. My mbp booted and I followed the instructions to install the OS from my DVD. It started to download and after it reached 30 minutes left I got an error stating "error could not download supported files." I replaced the ram thinking that might be it but same thing. I also have a 10.6 Mac OS X install DVD but when I try that it kernel panics again from boot. I don't have another comp to test DVD nor do I have a USB to download a copy. Wondering if I can do something besides getting another DVD or USB with it? Or if there's a way I can download the 10.6.0 DVD without I t kernel panicking? Help me please!

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