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Ok so I replaced my mbp hard drive with a new ssd hard drive after finding out the original hard drive was corrupt. What led me to this conclusion was the kernel panics causing me to almost have a stroke. Booted in verbose mode and saw that the volume in the hard drive was corrupt. After replacing the hard drive with a brand new one, with no backup to restore I proceeded to install my Mac OS X 10.6.3 DVD. My mbp booted and I followed the instructions to install the OS from my DVD. It started to download and after it reached 30 minutes left I got an error stating "error could not download supported files." I replaced the ram thinking that might be it but same thing. I also have a 10.6 Mac OS X install DVD but when I try that it kernel panics again from boot. I don't have another comp to test DVD nor do I have a USB to download a copy. Wondering if I can do something besides getting another DVD or USB with it? Or if there's a way I can download the 10.6.0 DVD without I t kernel panicking? Help me please!

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    Is the 10.6.3 disc the one that shipped with your computer, or do you have your original installation disc(s)? You need to boot with the disc that came with your computer and use Disk Utility to format the new drive. Then you can upgrade as needed.



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    I don't know if its the original since I've bought two mbp and in moving places I only could find one of the disc. My question now is "what disc should I get that will be able to put the Mac OS X onto my mbp and if its possible since its a brand new hard drive with nothing on it to upgrade?" Also my friend said he could download a copy for me and if that works which version can and/or should I have him download for me? Lastly considering my first two questions are doable, what do mean by or what's the steps to format my new hard drive? Thanks

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    mac os x 10.6.3 (10d2125) free dawnload