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I dont know what could've happened to my iMac, i guess it started after an update, though Not sure, so i've tried either on ethernet, wifi, or bluetooth, even tethering through USB with my iPhone, and some times i get lucky ir it loads the HomePage, pelase help, i know it is an old machine, but it was working ok before, and it may as well be a matter of deleting a file or two



iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    When you say "no internet at all" does that include no email?


    Have you tried un-plugging and restarting your router/modem?  Have you contacted your ISP?


    Have you tried booting from your install DVD and running Disk Repair and Repair Permissions?


    Try this Troubleshooting Guide for possible tips.  I know it says for OS 10.6 and above, and you're using OS 10.5.8, but most of it should apply.




    Good luck.


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    i have restarted the isp's router, the weird thing is that i've got full bars on wi-fi, there no internet, then through ethernet while turning off wi-fi with the same modem, still no internet, simultaneusly i use my iphone 5, and other ios devices and 2 pc's in that wifi network working flawlesly, so the modem isn't the problem,


    interestingly enough, i have had the chance to play keynotes from the apple website or any other video there, and while i cant perform any other web activity, videos on the apple website run from start to end but can't do anything else.


    peering within the home network is posible, i just recently moved my whole itunes library to a newer pc, since my imac doesnt support the latest itunes version mandatory for iphone 5 sync, over 200gb through ethernet


    still that dvd option i haven't tried because i lost the disc


    I can only imagine one last option, that is replacing my current drive which i upgraded from the one that came from the factory, which was working perfectly in every way when i last used it.



    That's why i asked earlier if mine was a recurring problem that could be easily fixed by deleting a file or editing something.


    thanks for your help