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I have an ipod 4th Generation which I used to be able to sync on my G5 Power PC. Since the ipod upgraded itself to ios6, it has not been able to sync to my my G5. The last Sync backup  in itunes was on Nov 11 with all my aps  ..etc.. But since then, itunes tells me that it cannot sync to my computer....  the ipod got damaged by my kids, so today I got a replacement for it which is empty. So I tried to  to Sync it to itunes, and amazingly enough, itunes told me that it could not sync to itunes, cuz the ipod had a software that WAS TOO OLD...??? Wut? it was suppoed to be thatG5 that was was too old...not the ipod with ios6??


Anyway, it apperas that i cannot revert to the backup of NOV 11th, so is there a way to "SEND" the backup in itunes onto the iCloud and then sync the ipod to the icloud??  I NEVER synced the ipodto icloud... so it appears that my icloud is EMPTY so far...


So is it possible to snd the itunes backup to the Cloud? then back up the ipod to icloud??? I have over 45 apps, photos,  etc to back up to....


What can i DO??



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