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I've updated to iTunes 11 on my iMac and 5.1.1. on my Apple TV.


iTunes has added a Home Movies section under 'Movies' which is great.  Why hasn't Apple TV?  I'm now getting a menu for Movies which intersperses Terminator 3 with my visit to a National Park!!!  Not really how I want to arrange these things!!!


Am I missing something here?


Also, anybody have any clues why the Apple have removed the 'iTunes Festival' and 'Keynote' apps from Apple TV?  Only there for a short time and I used both frequently.



iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    This is a user to user community, no one here knows the answer to your question and Apple are unlikely to read your comments, if you have any suggestions that you think might enhance the Apple TV you can send Apple your feedback here 


    Festival and keynote appear and disappear according to events, there is just no reason to have them there currently.

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    I don't understand why there is a need for what appears to be a semi-aggressive response?


    I've asked a perfectly reasonable question. I've explained what I see and I've asked users on this forum, politely, if I am missing something (a setting etc) which would enable the functionality I would have expected.


    I know it's a user-to-user community.  I don't like the pompousness of some the responses I see though.


    As for your comments - Festival - Fair enough, I can understand that, but Keynote?  That had the ability to view historical keynotes which makes it pointless if they only add briefly whenever there is a new presentation.


    I see so many aggressive, rude responses on this forum and it's so not needed!

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    In what way was it aggressive, I pointed out that no-one here would know the answer to your question (....Why hasn't Apple TV?....) and suggested you send feedback direct to Apple, so that they could consider the topic for future updates. (I've sent the same feedback myself previously, I have many more home videos than commercial movies and would like to see them separated too)


    You can still view all the keynotes as podcasts here, but since the last one is no longer current it is probably no longer popular enough to have its own feature on the Apple TV.


    I'm sorry if you took my response the wrong way, but i don't believe it was aggressive and certainly wasn't intended that way.

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    Hi Winston

    I am on the verge of tears.  I updated today my apple tv, i have Itunes 11.  I also have Iphoen5 and Ipad 3.

    last but not least, and old Ipod with IOS5.

    The apple TV does not see my Itunes library.  it tells me to turn on home sharing.  It is ON.

    I cannot mirror either my IPHone or Ipad. 

    the only thing the Apple TV will see is the old ipod.

    i am withing the 90 days elegible to phone support (i bought the apple TV in Munich),  i called the UK for support but when they were about to solve my problem they asked me where I was calling from.  the moment i said Israel, they said sorry, but cannot help you.

    I cannot find any answer in the support, or i don't know how to get to the proper place,  You seem very kowledgable.  Can you help me?