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Hi everyone,

I have a customer with a network composed by an OSX Srv 10.7.5 and a few iMacs with 10.7.5 too. They use iCal server and clients can set up their iCal client with an option to push refresh.

This way, subscribed calendars refresh flawlessly in Lan.

We have added two new iMac with 10.8.2 and as we setup iCal, the Push option is no longer available and the user can only choose "1 min, 5 min..." as calendar refresh options. The problem is that even if he chooses refresh every minute, susbscribed calendars (or calendars he may publish) get never updated unless he presses Refresh manually (via keyboard or via the View menu option).


Has anyone experienced this issue? Does the Push option of ICal 10.8.2 client has been removed or it's just a question of incompatibility between 10.7.5 serving ical to 10.8.2 clients?


I will appreciate any help or suggestion.


Thank you.

ical, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I am seeing the something simlar.  When I add a server-based calendar to the 10.8 Calendar client, the Push option is not immediately avaialble.  But, it shows up after the connection is made (and authenticated) to the server, or after quitting and re-launching Calendar.app.  This setup is using a 10.7.5 Server.


    However, once you choose the Push option, the Push notifications do not seem to be working at all - but this is only true for 10.8.2 clients,  Push notifications work correctly on 10.7.5 clients.  When I set the 10.8 clients to automatically refresh every 5 minutes, thing appear to work normally.  It is only Push that is failing.


    Very odd behavior. Might be a bug in the 10.8 Calendar app.