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I have posted before about exporting a number of image files to ePub. Thanks to advice given, I've cleared the major hurdle and by dividing the sets of images into two separate "chapters", I am able to include all of them in the e-book. However, I have come across what seems to be an insuperable barrier: no matter what I do, a blank page appears in the ePub version immediately after a single image  or set of image files. Any reader with a morsel of intelligence can see that the book continues but it would obviously look far better if there were no blank pages. Can anybody out there advise me how to remove them? - especially as they don't show at all in the Pages document. Inserting a section break (no matter where) simply added another blank page.


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    Maybe you shouldn't use Section breaks. Have you tried page breaks?

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    Thanks, Fruhulda for your help. In the end I found a solution to the problem, myself: trawling through the mountains of info from KDP, I found they recommend mounting image files as JPEGs rather than PDFs. By converting the PDFs I'd been using to JPEGs, I lost the unwanted blank pages. But please be aware if, like me, you use Calibre as a conversion tool to view your work: if I open the Calibre eBook, blank pages are can still be encountered, but once converted, none remain.


    PS As for the section breaks, I use them because I need section endnotes after many of my chapters. Otherwise a simple page break would be, indeed, sufficient.