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Have a strange problem with my MacBook wifi connection in that everytime I connect my MacBook Pro to the wifi router it requires a WPA2 password. I type in the password to join only to be told it is an invalid password, however, if I keep repeatedly clicking on the submit button (between 3 and 11 times) it eventually accepts the password and connects to the wifi - I've tried deleting the network and then adding, have deleted the password and reentered it in the keychain.


If I put the MacBook to sleep for any length of time then restart it, once again it forgets the password and I have to go through the whole ritual again.


I'm not having any problems with my iPad, iPhone and recently purchased Nexus 7 (sorry Apple but I need StreetView & YouTube) which all automatically connect.


This issue has been going on for months now. As for OS Lion, well it was running 10.7.4 but I updated it today to 10.7.5 to see if that fixes the problem but it's had no effect.


The MacBook connects flawlessly at home so am not sure what is causing the grief.


Anyone have a clue what is causing this and how to fix it.

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