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Grateful for information, pointers to other threads/tech notes, instruction.


Several applications continue running after having quit them. The two main culprits: Safari (6.0.2) and TextEdit (1.8 (301)). In addition, Safari has begun hanging on exit.


Ideas about what's going on and how to stop it are appreciated.


Thanks in advance-

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Photoshop CS6
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    How do you ascertain that these programs are still running after you quit them? Have you tried booting to the ML Recovery Disk and running Repair Disk from Disk Utility?

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    Applications normally do not quit when you close them with the red led on the left top : You have to Quit from the menu, otherwise they will keep running in the background.

    What apps are running you can see in /Utilities/Activity Monitor and there you can quit them also.

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    @Sig, thanks. You can tell if they're still running by consulting the process table. Re running the repair disk utility: I'm uncertain that this will be a help. Doesn't seem to be a disk problem. More likely a parent or child process is waiting on the rogue program. (My guess from similar experiences one sees in other UNIX-based systems.)

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    @LexSchellings, thanks. Yeah, I always properly quit these programs. (cmd+Q.) Also, yes, I consulting the activity monitor or the process table from terminal. The question is: why are they still running after a proper quit?

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    another idea: check the /Library/Launchdemons folder: are there any partly uninstalled items?

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    Likley a problem in OS X or something


    Step by Step to fix your Mac

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    "You can tell if they're still running by consulting the process table. "


    And what is the process table and where do you see this? The more blanks you fill in the less guessing everyone has to make. So before you go "fixing" your Mac please explain.

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    @Sig, you can see running processes by opening up your activity monitor. But activity monitor won't give you a sense of the parent/child relationship among processes. To see these, open up terminal and type "ps -ef." You can pipe this command to the "more" filter, which will page it on the screen. But if you want a quick and easy way to locate a process, just grep the application or utilities name:


    >ps -ef|grep TextEdit


    this will return a line that includes essential process info and give a clue if the process is running under a parent or is rougue.*


    If you're unfamiliar with UNIX shell commands, I suggest you read up before typing up stuff in terminal. If you're a UNIX maven, apologies.


    *Actually, this will return two lines (at least) that contain "TextEdit." One will be the running process, the other will be the process in which executes the grep.