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I follow the procedure according to the web site directions and it doesn't work.  Nothing is backed up.  When I go to the icloud web site and sign in, nothing is there.


In addition, I got my son an iPad.  Because he is under 18 Apple will not let him sign up for an account on the App store (even though I could give him permission and monitor the activity). 


I had to use my account information on the App store.  The result; account information is confused.  I have had to reset the passwords so many times.


Where is tech support?  You can't talk to a live person on the phone because Apple will not publish tech support phone numbers.  This will be the LAST time I ever purchase and Apple product!

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    Welcome to the Apple Community.


    Your problems arose because you used the same account for two people, each should have their own account, if one person is underage you can set up an account in your name and let him use it, don't just let him use your account.


    More details about your back up issues may help someone to assist you.

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    You are correct in that each should have his own account.  But because my son is under 18, he cannot have his own account.  I would still be in charge of it and monitor it.  I was not going to lie and falsify his birthday.  So, Apple would not let me create a separate account for the App Store or iTunes for him.


    I am also having issues with iCloud and iTunes and synching my PC with the iPhone.  What a PITA!


    The words "user friendly" are not in Apple's vocabulary!


    This will be the last time I ever buy and Apple product!

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    There is nothing wrong with setting up a second account for yourself and allowing him to use it, all Apple require is that someone of age is responsible for the account.