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Hello all ... I am struggling with streaming video from my MacBook Air to my ATV via AirPlay Mirroring.  Both are on the 5 GZ band and streaming rented HD movie content via ATV is fine.  So, I know I have a good wireless connection from my Airport Extreme and my ATV.  In any case, to circumvent any wireless issues, I was thinking I could connect my MacBook Air DIRECTLY to my Apple TV via an Ethernet cable.  Is this possible.  If I connect these two devices directly, can I use AirPlay and stream via Ethernet?  If so, how to I set this up technically?  Once the Ethernet connection is made, how do I make sure that the stream is via Ethernet?  Thanks in advance for your help!

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    So, I know I have a good wireless connection from my Airport Extreme and my ATV

    Clearly that isn't the case otherwise you wouldn't be struggling.


    Is there any reason why you are using 5 Ghz, it has some advantages, but is easily blocked by partitions in your home.


    Yes you can use ethernet for AirPlay if you wish, but the connection should not be direct but through your router.

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    Thanks Winston.  Yes, I would look to connect my MacBook Air to my ATV2 directly (avoiding my AE router).  If I did this, would I launch AirPlay as I am now doing it via wireless?  Would I need to change any settings on my ATV or MacBook Air to force the data stream via Ethernet (eg. diable wireless)?


    On another note, I could connect my ATV and MacBook Air via the 2.4 GHz band.  Should I try this???  Right now, my AE router is not really close (or within a direct line) to my ATV2 or MacBook Pro where things are situated.  In fact, my AE is upstairs and in the opposite corner of the house (blocked by ceilings and some walls).


    Another option is to place my MacBook Air right next to my AE router, and try the 5 GHz wireless stream again???


    Thoughts/comments???  Thanks again!


    - Bill

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    Ah ha!  Success!  So, it must be the location of my devices in relation to one another.  If I physically move my MacBook Air to be placed right next to my AE router, AirPlay works very well on the 5 GHz band.  In my previous setup, my MacBook Air had to stream up through the ceiling to the 2nd Floor of my home, then back down through the same ceiling to hot my ATV2.  In this new location set-up the signal is only going through the ceiling once.  That's the trick.  Just wondering if the 2.5 GHz band could avoid this.  But, nonetheless, it's working.  Nice!

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    Yes the 2.4 Ghz band can pass through partitions more easily and has a greater range (although it can be more susceptible to interference).