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Hi I am new to Apple and all of my work and company business accounts are in Microsoft apps such as outlook, pst, word excel and I need to continue to work in this format.  Hwever now just having purchased the new iphone 5 and Ipad mini I would like to have the ability to view and use on my ipad.  I have a USB stick which I take with me between various PCs that I use, keeping my home laptop as my main pc which I back my USB stick to every evening.  So with this in mind I would like to be able to store the information when I back up to my laptop in a place that I can access from my ipad or phone.  I am unsure if I need to be using the Icloud or itunes to do this as have not yet plugged the ipad into the laptop.


Do I need Pages to be able to view all docs including PST or will that require another app.


Help would really be appreciated thanks

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